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Skilled and experience business, technology and legal consultants, developers, agents and counsel who have a passion for delivering unparalleled value. Pioneers in sourcing, supply chain management, predictive analytics, yield management, business process / workflow engineering, dashboards and visualization.  Creativity, innovation, compliance and cost-savings are not mutually exclusive  concepts -- this is the core of TechNexxus.

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Lots of new projects underway at TechNexxus, including:

Right now, we're working on a number of real estate and data center transactions; several environmental initiatives (e.g., e-button, wind energy, renewable energy portfolios, cost savings); lots of technology contracts (e.g., ERP SAAS, telecom and outsourcing agreements); and due diligence checklists, model forms and contract terms for pharma, financial and energy companies.
Mobile Apps, Portals and Dashboards Appcubator Apps, Heroku, Python and Django SharePoint applications for financial and energy compliance
New big data sources, financial models, analytics and visualization techniques
New audio, video and 3D projects for Internet distribution and new metadata (e.g., musicbrainz) and semantic web (e.g., EchoNest) projects

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