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    Building A Better World

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    New Mission

    TechNexxus Focuses On Charitable Organizations

    As of June 1, 2017 TechNexxus has focused on making high-quality business, technology and legal services available without cost to qualified charitable and non-profit professional organizations. Additionally, TechNexxus donates a wide range of technology resources to qualified charitable organizations, including but not limited to the use of large portions of the IP portfolio TechNexxus has developed over the past 25 years. If you have a need, contact us to see what we can accomplish together.

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    Illustrative Projects

    Paying It Forward By Investing In Our Future

    Illustrative charitable and non-profit professional organizations who have been recipients of TechNexxus services, software and other resources include: organizations providing health and educational services to at risk children in Harlem (e.g., The New York Center for Childhood Development (NYCCD); New York Center for Infants & Toddlers (NYCIT)); the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) and the American Cancer Society. It has truly been our privilege to pay it forward by supporting these organizations.


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    We Understand Your Corporate Goals

    With 30 years of experience, over 100 clients and hundreds of projects valued collectively at almost $500M, TechNexxus understands business.  No project is too big or too entrepreneurial.  We've been there and done that with our own "skin in the game." and we practice what we recommend.  That's why we prefer value-based or fixed price engagements.  If you can't trust your business consultants to model their own business, how can you trust them with yours?

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    The Foundation For Your Future

    We understand that the difference between leading-edge, bleeding-edge, enterprise and obsolete technology is often the difference between success and failure.  We hack to  innovate, listen and learn; but just as importantly, we know how to run technology as a business.  It doesn't matter whether you need "things," supercomputers, mainframes, mid-range servers, desktops, laptops, clouds, networks or any hybrid combination of these elements -- we understand how to design, procure and manage it for you.

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    Identification and Management of Risk  

    Many TechNexxus consultants are attorneys or have worked for, in or with AmLaw 100 law firms. Several have been equity partners in some of the finest firms. We understand how to identify applicable legal requirements; how to perform due diligence to identify applicable issues and risks; and, how to provide sounds advice and counsel.

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    Value Engineering

    Successful sourcing isn't about getting the lowest price, its about getting the best value.  The TechNexxus approach and processes have been carefully designed to achieve superior results, and to forge strong relationships based on carefully crafted terms, SOWs, SLAs and pricing schedules.  We have a robust set of tools and a track record of success refined over more than 100 clients, hundreds of projects and over $500M of transactions.


    We Are Vested In Your Success

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    Aligned Agreements

    Terms Reflect Needs and Requirements

    Compliance and Contract Services


    A well -crafted agreement should forge a long-term relationship and "stay in the drawer."  But to get there, you need to understand applicable facts and legal requirements and have subject matter experts who can apply this information to your business processes and technology.  We read and write the fine print so it reflects the agreement of the parties and guides future behavior.  We reduce disputes (substantially) by asking the parties to think first, and then act in accordance with their agreements in ways that benefit all parties. 


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    Detailed Scope

    Scope Guides the 4 Corners of Agreement

    The Key To Getting What You Need


    In the world of business, you don't get what you want or need -- you get what you negotiate and document.  In studies of value in reasonably similar contracts, TechNexxus has concluded the size of the purchaser is far less important than the skill of the negotiators, subject matter experts and attorneys working on the transaction.  The scope of work isn't just something other people do.  It isn't something that stands alone separate and apart from the agreement.  It is the core of the agreement.  Terms, pricing and service levels in the abstract are meaningless.  We craft and review the scope of services, the work included in the base price, the work that causes additional costs and work retained by the purchaser to assure allocation of responsibility in accordance with the intent of the parties, and the right bounds around what vendors must do while encompassing everything the purchaser expects.


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    Accurate Actionable Metrics

    You Can't Manage If You Can't Measure

    Baseline and Vendor Performance


    TechNexxus assists clients to understand how they are, and have been, performing prior to setting service levels, issuing RFx or entering into agreements.  There is a great temptation for clients and consultants to ask for more (or less) than the client needs.  There are no "Olympics" of agreements.  It isn't about who can beat whom with terms.  It is about getting what our clients need and being able to measure receipt of what they paid for.  TechNexxus understands the right metrics and translate metrics into actionable goals and objectives.


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    Price and Performance

    The Right Balance For Each Client

    The Right Tool and Fuel For Each Job


    Rocket fuel won't help a small car or bicycle move faster or better.  In fact, it will impair performance and increase cost.  TechNexxus assists each client to find the right balance of price and performance, and to obtain the right tools to assure efficient and cost-effective success.  We don't recommend purchasing supercomputers to perform the work of laptops or vice versa.  On the other hand, we understand the relative cost and contributions of hardware, software and people and we encourage our clients to make the right investments, in the right things at the right time.



    Business + Law + Technology Services and Solutions

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    We Provide Focus

    Insight Into New Trends and Techniques

    Keeping You On Track


    Organizations lose focus in direct proportion to their size.  The same is true for communication.  It doesn't improve when more people try to speak at once.  The TechNexxus Approach and Process incorporates our collective knowledge and insight into industry trends.  We speak clearly, with one voice so we can work with you quickly and efficiently to achieve success.


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    We Deliver

    The Right Resources

    At The Right Time & Place


    TechNexxus combines the skills, knowledge and expertise of experienced attorneys, compliance experts, business process engineers, management consultants, technology architects and developers together with best practices and industry standards.  The result is better value, managed risk and a better solution you can support and maintain.


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    We Assure Compliance

    International, Federal, State & Local

    Efficiently & Cost-Effectively


    TechNexxus works on projects around the globe.  We perform due diligence, identify applicable legal requirements and collaborate with local counsel and experts as appropriate.  We are leaders of your due diligence, compliance and management team.  The result is a better solution, tailored to your needs and objectives, on-time and on-budget.


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    We Extend

    Your Budget and Resources

    Delivering Seamless Support


    We don't replace your team -- we extend your hardware, software and personnel resources to accomplish more -- better, faster and cheaper.  TechNexxus doesn't add cost.  Rather, we deliver substantial value.  Our clients recover our "fee" (often fixed price or results based) in 1 - 3 months.  Our goal is to be your strategic partner, assuring your success while reducing risk.



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